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This breast cancer education and painting event will include a breast health seminar, yoga and cancer prevention seminar, a pink inspired painting class, and wellness gift bags with free fitness classes for all attendees!



We will be hosting a pink Shabbat dinner at USC Chabad to raise awareness among the Jewish community.

Welcome to All Things Pink

imageWe aim to show women that taking action can easily be incorporated into every aspect of life including art, fitness, fashion, family, music, and culture. In doing so, young women everywhere can easily embrace breast cancer education and awareness in their everyday lifestyle.

According to recent studies, breast cancer in young women is more aggressive and has lower survival rates causing young women to be diagnosed at advanced and more lethal stages. For teenagers, college students, young women entering the work force, and the underprivileged, breast health may fall low on their list of priorities. Based on personal experiences, we have found that our generation is uneducated on the risks and symptoms of breast cancer. All Things Pink’s goal is to bring education and resources to these individuals in a relatable way in order to promote early detection and healthy lifestyle choices.

Join us in our fight to ensure that young women everywhere can look forward to a long healthy life free of breast cancer by donating, getting involved, or attending one of our upcoming events to learn more about how you can pink up your life!

Surbhi Agarwal and Danielle Rosove
Founders, All Things Pink

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